Fastener Options

Step-Clip™ for Kebony

Step-Clip™ for Kebony uses easy to install strips to minimize the time and labor spent fastening your deck. The Step-Clip reduces deck surface installation time by up to 50% and ensures proper spacing, protects the joist from water damage, and makes it easy to replace a board in the future if necessary.

Fastenator™ Hidden Fasteners

Hidden fastener clips are a great way to secure your deck without screwing into the board’s face. Our Kebony Deck Board is compatible with the Fastenator™ Hidden Fastening system by DuraLife®.

Pro Plug® System for Kebony

If you prefer the positive lateral connection of fastening through the face and still want a smooth, uniform surface, then using the Pro Plug® System with Kebony wood plugs is the best option. The Pro Plug® System by Starborn® is the fastest plug option on the market today, and Kebony wood plugs are designed to work seamlessly with the system.

Face Fastened

When securing your surface decking using traditional methods, you can use stainless steel screws through the face of our Kebony Deck Board. We recommend placing the screws 1” from the edge of the board.



  • Pre-drill holes prior to fastening
  • Use Stainless Steel Screws
  • Keep screws at least 1″ from the end and edges of the boards
  • Make sure screws are flush with top of the deck board to maintain a smooth and safe surface


What makes Kebony so easy to work with?

Kebony is softer than comparable looking hardwoods (yet harder than traditional pressure treated lumber!), which makes it might easier to work with than alternatives. There is no need to pre-drill the wood.

Is it sustainable?

Yes! Kebony is FSC certified, meaning that the wood used in the product and the manufacturer that made it met the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council and ensures that the product came from responsibly managed forests that provide environmental, social and economic benefits.

Is it a type of treated lumber?

Yes , Kebony goes through its own special treatment process that makes the wood resistant against rot, decay, and insects while also giving it the exotic look you are looking for. Additionally, the treatment, which uses an environmentally safe solution, increases the density of the wood to provide a much stronger version of the pine lumber.

Is Kebony as expensive compared to other exotic lumbers?

Kebony is comparably priced with exotic woods. Unlike most exotic woods, it comes with a 30 year warranty against rotting and decay.

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