Crane and Deck Mats

GE Frisco is able to source exotic lumber

Custom Mats for Your Equipment

We can create mats with any kind of notch to be used with your equipment. Mats are a great way to help navigate equipment over open passageways or wet/muddy surfaces.

Sizes Offered


Up to 50’ long using 6” to 12” timbers for crane mats

We also offer 2-ply and 3-ply mats in various sizes


What are Crane Mats made of?

Crane mats are made of mixed hardwood or oak. Both are strong enough to withstand the weight of heavy equipment.

I need a supplier that is FSC Certified.

Well you are in the right place! GE Frisco has a multitude of certifications, including the FSC Certification. To learn more about our certifications, click here.

What are laminated mats?

Laminated mats are usually spread over a wide muddy or wet area that heavy equipment and vehicles will be operating on. It provide a more solid base for traction.

Notch vs eyebolts/chains

We can provide either type of pick-up connection for our customers, depending on what is preferred.

Do the mats have a weight capacity that I need to worry about?

Mats can generally handle the most common heavy equipment, but it is best to speak with your engineers for the exact dimensions that will be necessary.

Are mats stocked on site?

No. If you are interested in ordering a crane/deck mat, give us a call or request a quote by clicking here and one of our sales team members will be happy to provide pricing and lead times to you!

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